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Alfpa Repairs/Monza Motors are a specialised Alfa and Fiat servicing, restorations, tuning and race preparation. New and recycled parts. Being able to offer the owners of new Alfas, in particular, a service to individualise their vehicles "in house" would augment and enhance our service to our customers.

Hugh Harrison established Alfpa Repairs in 1986 as a one-marque mechanical service and repairs workshop for Alfa Romeo. The business quickly gained a reputation for his performance preparation and service to customers. The name Alfpa(rts &) repairs was derived from Hugh's' desire to incorporate parts recycling into Alfpa Repairs.Hugh has been a specialist Alfa Romeo motor mechanic for 25 years.

In 2000 Hugh purchased Monza Motors from Angelo and Vince and began to increase sales throughout his network in Australia and overseas.

It was seen that with the extremely successful rejuvenation of Alfa Romeo in Australia, that, there were opportunities for the importation of performance parts and body kits. The first of the 156 sedans were now passing to their second or third owners who are showing an interest in up grading the mechanicals and individualising their vehicles.

Hugh has been active in motorsport in Victoria for in excess of twenty years and is an active member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club in Australia since the late 70's. We see these areas as important marketing tools and intend to use our extensive networks in these areas to establish our name as the only supplier of body kits and up-grades of not only the newer models but encompass older models as well.














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